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  1. In 2015 domain bought and used as a simple photography blog to post sexier and nude content on.
  2. April 1 2017 first paid membership version 1.0 was opened and surprisingly I had 12 members in the first few hours.
  3. August 2018 v2.2 significant e-commerce change and pay per post system used.
  4. April 1 2019 v3.0 new more refined e-commerce setup still with pay per post and more custom settings.
  5. End of 2019-2020 v.4.0 AOS Cloud coming soon.

ARTofSHADOWS.com is it’s own platform!

The webmaster here is a shadow, a person who wants no attention or prefers an underground status.

I have never had long term goals for this site and do not ever plan on them for AOS. It just exists if it’s wanted.

It started because people requested to “see more from the shoots”, eventually it took offering me money to create this system.

Heinrich Blutträumer is a third person alias and character in a story I have created, he is the official webmaster of the ARTofSHADOWS.com.

± is the official symbol for the shadows, neither positive nor negative.

The site is a collection of photo and video shoots of female models mainly from the early 2000’s to present.

AOS runs from a dedicated and cloud server system, at times we swap our setup around without notice.

We pride ourself on being totally awkward, dark and unpredictable. You just never know what’s next on AOS.

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